Guide to adding your work to the Institutional Repository

  1. Login in using your School's log in details. This takes you to your work area.
  2. To add a new output, click on New Item. This places a work form on screen for you to complete. Start with the Item Type page followed by the Upload, Details, Subjects and Deposit pages. Here is some further information about each page.


You can upload any Item Type to our Repository so select the most appropriate descriptor from the list. Selecting the correct Item Type will load the correct Form onto the screen for you to complete. After completing the Item Type page, move to the Upload page.


If the output is available openly online, select the right-hand tab (entitled URL) and copy and paste a link to your website or publishers website. Alternatively click on browse and select a Word, PDF or other file to upload from your computer.

If you have rights to upload the publishers final PDF, please use that file. If uploading an accepted manuscript as a Word/PDF document please use the following style. For further access guidelines please see the Disability Units website.

  • A header that includes all the necessary citation information (author name, output title, publication, etc.);
  • Arial font, size 12;
  • 1.5 spacing between lines, with an additional line between paragraphs;
  • Align left, with 1-1.5 inch margins.


Accurately and comprehensively complete the details screen. For all deposits remember to include an abstract or brief description of the output and relevant keywords.

If you are unsure about a field, click on the question mark alongside. All fields marked with a star must be completed before an item can be deposited.


You may select as many subjects as you feel are relevant.


When you have completed the form to your satisfaction, click on Deposit Item Now. Once you click on this button you will not be able to amend the information on the record.

Library staff will check your deposit within ten working days and, following this, move your item to the live area where publics have access. If this is not possible, library staff will return the item to you with a note detailing what you need to do next. This may include a request for further information or another version of your manuscript or clarification about current information.

Alternatively, if you want to continue editing your record, click Save for Later. This will save the record to your Manage Deposits Page where you will be able to work on the item further. At a later date items with the status User Work Area can be edited by clicking on the edit button.

Please note:

  • Items with the status 'Under Review' are waiting to be checked by library staff. You can view these items but not edit them.
  • Items with the status 'Live Archive' have been checked by library staff and are fully live in our Repository.
  • Items with the status 'Retired' are hidden to all.

Further Information

Books and Book Chapters

It is likely your publisher will allow you to make public a chapter of your book. Please check with your publisher to verify this is possible and upload the PDF of the chapter you wish to be made live on the Repository.

It is less likely a publisher will allow a single book chapter which forms part of a larger collection of chapters written by different authors, to be made public. However, it is worth checking with your publisher.

Creative Works

If you are not the Copyright holder, please gain permission from the Copyright holder before uploading a creative work to our Repository. If you are the Copyright holder, please consider how you would like to retain Copyright by selecting the most appropriate license.

Journal Articles and Conference Papers with ISSNs

For journal articles or conference papers with an ISSN, upload the author's accepted version of your manuscript in PDF format. This is your final draft, post peer-review. The version before being re-formatted by your publisher.

Ref 2021 require you to include the date your article was accepted for publication together with the publication date. To comply with REF2021 the article must be deposited in the Institutional Repository three months from the date of acceptance.

Official and Project Reports

You may apply if you wish to do so for an ISBN number prior to the publication of your report. Here is a link which explains how to apply for an ISBN Once you have an ISBN, a copy must also be deposited in the British Library.


Please read the Deposit of Theses Policy 2017-2022 and complete Form 1: Submission and Deposit Agreement of Thesis for Research Degrees. This is available on Brightspace. Send this form with a PDF copy of your thesis to and

Working Papers

If you plan to publish your working paper, please check with you publisher if they permit you to also deposit this work in an open access Institutional Repository.

For more information about open access please refer to The Open Access Policy, revised October 2021.

A guide to uploading your output into our Repository is also available as a PDF document which can be downloaded. This is a step by step guide to uploading items and completing the form and includes screen shots. This is available from BrightSpace.