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Three million students, at over 1,700 academic institutions, in 80+ countries have unlimited access to some of the world's finest productions, unique backstage insights, practitioner interviews and written analysis.

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Benefits of Digital Theatre+


Increase student engagement and passion for performance with over 400 first-class productions and all-star casts, available on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Teachers tell us that they couldn't expose their students to such a range of classic, contemporary and international performance any other way. And they see the benefit of this increased engagement in improved exam performance.

Time saving

No more trawling the internet for learning resources. By subscribing you’ll get unlimited access to excellent, curriculum-linked resources, all in one place, saving you significant lesson planning time. On average, DT+ saves teachers 4-5 hours per week.

We collaborate with renowned academics and theatre practitioners, which means you can trust the quality of the content you are providing to your students.


More than 300 exclusive in-depth interviews and backstage insights will give your students a deep understanding of theatre processes, including creative and technical disciplines. These illuminate motivations, challenges and the choices that theatre practitioners face.

DT+ supports complete student development, expanding and enriching a student’s world-view, making them more employable after graduation.

Access wherever and whenever you want

DT+ provides 24/7 unlimited performance access. The learning that begins on campus is enhanced as students continue to explore and experiment outside of the classroom.

Every subscription provides access across the institution, regardless of discipline.

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What our customers say about us

Libby Tilley, Head of Arts and Humanities Libraries and English Faculty Librarian

Libby Tilley, Head of Arts and Humanities Libraries and English Faculty Librarian, University of Cambridge, UK

We chose DT+ to provide access to theatre productions for our students. The additional information offered through study guides and interviews is a bonus for those doing Performance or Shakespeare courses. The difference screening live performances makes is enormous, and it is worth the investment to get this level of quality.
Jeremy Franklin, Director of Music/Theatre

Jeremy Franklin, Director of Music/Theatre, Colorado Mesa University, US

DT+ has allowed us to bring a myriad of productions and artists directly to our students. Having DT+ available helps our students develop as well-rounded artists, expands their world-view, making them all the more employable after graduation.
Jim Pedrech, English Department Head

Jim Pedrech, English Department Head, Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, Canada

We replaced a text in one of our courses with All My Sons due to the strength of the performance available through DT+. We believe that the activities we have built around this remarkable adaptation effectively prepare our students for post-secondary education.
Gadi Shai Burman, Drama & English Teacher

Gadi Shai Burman, Drama & English Teacher, Shenzhen College of International Education, Shenzhen, China

Digital Theatre+ has become an invaluable resource in supporting not only the delivery of Drama within the school, but also the provision of accessible staged versions of plays relevant to our school’s English curriculum. The supplementary learning materials, such as the study guides and biographies of various playwrights/practitioners have also become a trusted research source for student coursework and assessment. The overall reaction to Digital Theatre Plus has been incredibly positive and there are plans to incorporate it directly into our syllabus delivery next year.
Don Landrigan, Theatre Teacher

Don Landrigan, Theatre Teacher, Linden Hall School, Japan

Given where we are – regional Japan – opportunities to see theatre are limited and DT+ provides quality. I'd have a hard time completing my course without DT+. Joining is the best advice I've been given since I started teaching IB DP Theatre.
Missey Head, Fine Arts Coordinator

Missey Head, Fine Arts Coordinator, Lewisville Independent School District

The theatre teachers and students in Lewisville Independent School District feel blessed to have the resources Digital Theatre+ provides. The content and curriculum provides opportunities for our students to develop their skills in critical, logical, reflective, metacognitive, and creative thinking. We cannot thank Digital Theatre+ enough for the valuable experiences our students are enjoying.
Kevin Wallace, Head of Department (Acting)

Kevin Wallace, Head of Department (Acting), Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Republic of Ireland

DT+ is a great learning aid and teaching tool. It provides the students with an in-depth view of performances of essential theatrical texts. I use it to teach English Literature students and it is a crucial tool to show them that a performance text is radically different from a written text.
Daniel Hawthorne, Lecturer in Creative Arts

Daniel Hawthorne, Lecturer in Creative Arts, Bridgwater College, UK

DT+ has been highly effective both in classroom interactivity and assisting effective planning. The resources available for teacher and student are specific and concise from highly respected sources. I have saved 3-5 hours of planning a week through use of DT+.

Curriculum coverage

Our content is mapped to English and Drama curricula, and commissioned and curated with a view to assisting educators and students in their understanding of core texts, characterisation, and the many and diverse facets of performance.


Our partners

We collaborate with over 50 leading theatre companies, educational organisations and arts collectives around the world.

Almeida Theatre
BBC Active
British Council
British Library
English National Ballet
English Touring Theatre
Frantic Assembly
LA Theatre Works
London Symphony Orchestra
Opera North
Royal Opera House
Royal Shakespeare Company
The Old Vic
Young Vic

The team behind Digital Theatre+

Creative Learning Panel

Our distinguished panel advise on content development and direction, ensuring Digital Theatre+ meets the needs of students and teachers.

Industry experts include: Emily Blacksell, Fin Kennedy, Samantha Lane, Struan Leslie, Indhu Rubasingham and Zoë Waites.

Educators include: Maggie B. Gale, Jonothan Neelands, Lisa Peck, Matthew Roberts, Carol Chillington Rutter and Jeni Whittaker.


Over 150 experts provide insight into plays, character and performance, and produce unique learning materials for our audience.

Practitioners include: Richard Bean, Alecky Blythe, Lolita Chakrabarti, Bob Crowley, Ben Crystal, Declan Donnellan, Adrian Lester, Mike Poulton, David Suchet, Meera Syal, Julie Walters and Timberlake Wertenbaker.

Academics include Paul Allain, Michael Balfour, Sharon Marie Carnicke, Colin Chambers, Michael Chemers, Tom Cornford, Rachel Hann, Alison Hodge, Robert Leach, Paul Rae, Ben Spatz and Rose Whyman.

Digital Theatre+

Leading the in-house team are: Robert Delamere, Co-Founder of DT+, director of all DT+ productions, and Chair of English Touring Theatre; Fiona Lindsay, our Creative Producer, who has previously created bespoke content for world-leading arts and media organisations; and Talia Rodgers, our Publishing Director, formerly publisher of books and journals for theatre and performance studies since 1991 and creator of the Routledge Performance Archive.

Robert, Fiona and Talia are supported by a world-class team of editors, developers, producers and publishers.

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