Performing Place: The Caer Llan Trilogy

Mackey, Sally (2004) Performing Place: The Caer Llan Trilogy. [Show/Exhibition]


The Caer Llan Trilogy comprised three annual performance intensive events of 4-5 days each over the August Bank Holidays, 2002-04 (with gestation periods between). These were:
- Caer Llan 1: The Caer Llan Sestina (2002);
- Caer Llan 2: Disrupting the Landscape (2003);
- Caer Llan 3: Performing Place (2004).

The format of the intensives varied. The first and second ended with outcomes to an invited audience, for example; the third comprised peer-viewed group and individual practical ‘responses’ across the five days. Originally, the research project was intended to be for one year, the Caer Llan Sestina of 2002. It became apparent, however, even before the first intensive commenced, that a trilogy would offer greater research opportunities.

The CLT was established to explore the performance of place. What might comprise a performance of place? Were there different impulses, processes or realisations in the performance of place to, say, site-specific performance, for example? This was part of a long term research interest into place and performance stemming from the late 1990s. The project at Caer Llan provided an opportunity to explore certain facets of the performance of place in explicit detail. The key research questions of the Trilogy were, broadly:

- To what extent can performance impact upon participants’ understanding of place?
- Can performance have a function in articulating place?

Rooted in current and recent theories of place, the CLT provides a case study of place-related performance praxis, therefore.


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Additional thoughts - PDF
Appendix A Facts about the project - PDF
Appendix B Theatre, landscape and memory report - PDF
Appendix D Ghosts' scene images, CL2 - PDF
Appendix E Individual response - PDF
Appendix F The wall - PDF
Appendix G Soundscapes - PDF
Appendix H Bouffants - PDF
Appendix I Memory room - PDF
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Appendix K Tablecloth photographs from CL2 - PDF
Appendix L Usual dining room layout - PDF
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Board - Image (JPEG)
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Burning car - Image (JPEG)
Caer Llan 24-8 - 1 (1) - Image (JPEG)
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Harriet and frame etc. - Image (JPEG)
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Iz darts - Image (JPEG)
James and broom - Image (JPEG)
Keith, group and umbrellas - Image (JPEG)
Lou reading - Image (JPEG)
Lucy and Parker - Image (JPEG)
Mal and James at piano - Image (JPEG)
Matt darts - Image (JPEG)
Milo darts - Image (JPEG)
Nina and craft - Image (JPEG)
Parker and sheets - Image (JPEG)
Pool party in show - Image (JPEG)
Posters on walls - Image (JPEG)
Sestina A 2 - Image (JPEG)
Several by sunset - Image (JPEG)
Site 6 rehearsing in dining room - Image (JPEG)
Soph and Beth at piano - Image (JPEG)
Soph in bedroom - Image (JPEG)
Swimming - Image (JPEG)
Tait darts - Image (JPEG)
Chat in common room - Image (JPEG)
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Well - Image (JPEG)
Appendix C Adexamen legend - PDF
The wall - Audio (WMA)

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