Working With the Tangible: Radiation, A Twenty-First Century Interpretation

Brennan, Amanda (2013) Working With the Tangible: Radiation, A Twenty-First Century Interpretation. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, 4 (2). pp. 176-188. ISSN 1944-3919


The intangible means of expression was a topic of investigation across various disciplines when Michael Chekhov was developing his pedagogic practice. In the world of science, Harold Saxton Burr and Albert Szent-Gyorgi, were examining the body as a conductor of energy. Their research was relevant to Chekhov's approach regarding how the actor communicates with internal and external stimulus. This article begins with an analysis of Chekhov's theories on Radiation, it moves on to offer insights into science and energy work with reference to cell Biologist James Oschman and his concept of ‘the living matrix’ and Mae Wan Ho's critique of quantum cohesion. Examples of praxis demonstrate that contemporary science and body work can provide a greater understanding of how Radiation and the organisation of energy can enhance performance.


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