Links from this page take you to examples of the performance-related practices with each company working on the project: Cyrff Ystwyth, Half Moon and Oldham Theatre Workshop. Divided into 'Openers', 'In the Studio', 'On Sites' and 'Sharing and ...', these sections are designed to facilitate a staged access, where related activities from all three projects are grouped.

Please note that although the website is divided up into sections for ease of access, the work is not uniform in these sections. Cyrff Ystwyth’s work, Capel: the Lights are on, for example, was a place-based project based on the home village of Adrian Jones, a choreographer with learning difficulties. Much of the process took place ‘In the Studio’ rather than ‘On Sites’, however, which was safe, familiar and accessible for the company. There are less clips for Cyrff Ystwyth’s ‘On Sites’ therefore.

Each project was different, depending upon context. Sections reflect this difference. With the ‘drop in’

migrant community at Oldham Theatre Workshop, for example, important ‘Openers’ were drinks and cakes (or fruit) aimed at helping people feel at ease rather than the initial drama exercises or games more usual in Half Moon. The 'Sharing and ...' sections show another variation. Whilst Cyrff Ystwyth and Half Moon worked towards a final performance, Oldham sessions had no formal ending. The 'Sharing and ...' sections reflect this.

'Place Practices' offers carefully selected visual evidence and accompanying written summaries of a range of practices with different groups of people. Outline of Place Practices [pdf] offers a downloadable and usable plan based on the examples offered here in 'Place Practices'. The numbers are not there as an advised chronology in activities but are useful as a reference system for the Outline of Place Practices plan.

Outline of Place Practices [pdf].