PLACE PRACTICES - sharing and ...

The selection of clips and writing below offer some insight into modes of ‘sharing’ the work from each of the three projects.

Again, because of the context of the projects, each is different. OTW had no sharing outcome to an audience although we created a collage for ourselves on the last day of an intensive week. For this project, we offer examples of dissemination and further activities after the end of the Place project. HM had a showing for the public, as did CY. HM’s was in the studio performance space at their building; CY’s was in and outside a disused chapel in the village of Bronant, near Aberystwyth, Wales. Context determined the character of the sharing, therefore (CY’s public performances were characterised by extensive rain, for example).

(Oldham Theatre Workshop)

(Half Moon Theatre)

(Cyrff Ystwyth)