Alexander, Catherine (2011) SOLD. [Performance]


This extraordinary and moving piece of original theatre tells the true stories of modern day slaves and their traffickers. Two hundred years since the abolition of the trans-Atlantic space trade, virtually every country in the world is affected by trafficking.

'Sold' is based on original interviews conducted this year and has been created by the company of actors and designers under the direction of Complicite Associate, Catherine Alexander, who created 'The Boy from Centreville' performed at Edinburgh Fringe in 2008.

Fisayo Akinade - Gbenga
Nadia Balfe - Gina/Mara
Jordan Dawes - Danny/Luan Palkici
Laura Dewey - Denise Marshall/Natalia
Nicholas Hart - Jack
Sara Hirsch - Claudia Schmidt
Peter Hobday - Krisjãnis
Magnus McCullagh - Iain/Alex
Elizabeth Menabney - Anna Puzova/Police Officer
John Montegrande - James/Andreas
Peter Randall - Anthony Steen
Cherrelle Skeete - Oliviette/Adjo
Sarah Vevers - Christina Caine
Paula Videniece - Aija
Rhiannon Wallace - Carys
Miles Yekinni - Tayo/Leo

Sarah Beaton - Set and Costume Design
Samantha Buckmaster - Costume Supervisor
Gareth Wide - Lighting Design/Programmer
Douglas Green - Video/Projection Design
Peter Malkin - Sound Design
James Nicholson - Sound Design
Tal Landsman - Production Manager
Elliot Bennet - Technical Manager
Nikita Wolski - Stage Manager
Sally Inch - Deputy Stage Manager
Ellie Phillips - Assistant Stage Manager
Sam Jeffs - Chief Electrician
Kieran O'Brien - Media Production/Programmer

Catherine Alexander - Director
Andrew London - Assistant Director
Max Mackintosh - Assistant Director
Tara McAllister-Viel - Vocal Support
Marina Tyndall - Accent Coach

Luan & Natalia
Luan Plakici is an Albanian immigrant who was convicted of human trafficking in 2002. He was the first person to be tried under the new UK human trafficking laws and sentenced to 24 years in prison. Scenes are based on media reports about Luan and interviews with Denise Marshall.

Danny & James
In the north of England forced labour is a consistent underlying problem. These characters are based on original interviews with two Mancunians who have a connection with this issue. They have asked to remain anonymous.

Tayo & Gbenga
This storyline is based on accounts of boys and young men trafficked to the Ivory Coast to be used as forced labour. Taken from their homes in places such as Nigeria and Mali, these boys work on cocoa and sugar plantations. Much of the chocolate on sale in this country has links to slave about in Africa. The starting point for this storyline is the YouTube video: 'Chocolate, not so sweet after all'. (

Anthony Steen
Anthony was a Conservative MP for Totnes. He is the chairman of The Human Trafficking Foundation and has been instrumental in raising UK governmental awareness of human trafficking. Character is based on original interviews with Anthony Steen. (

Denise Marshall
Denise is the director os Eaves and The Poppy Project: these organisations campaign for the freedom and rights of trafficked women. Character is based on original interviews with Denise Marshall. (

Jack & Carys
One of the more sophisticated forms of coercion is the 'Loverboy'. A 'Loverboy' lures young girls into boyfriend/girlfriend relationships before cutting them off from family and friends and trafficking them from one town to another. (

Aija & Krisjãnis
These young Latvians came to the UK on legal passports with the promise of legitimate work and found themselves the victims of human trafficking. Storyline based on original interviews with sources who wish to remain anonymous.

Many people trafficked to the UK are enslaved as domestic servants in private homes. Some start as servants in their home countries, but when they are illegally transported to other countries to continue working they find themselves trapped. Storyline based on several sources which have been fictionalised. - 'Enslaved: The New British Slavery' by Ramila Gupta

Anna Puzova
Anna Puzova was the first woman in the UK to be convicted of child trafficking. As a mother with eight children named on her passport, she was easily able to traffic children from Italy to UK. Scenes are fictionalised based upon interviews with Superintendent Bernie Gravett, Metropolitan Police.

Christine Caine
Christine is a Christian leader from Sydney, Australia. She is actively involved in supporting victims of human trafficking through the A21 campaign. This character is created using verbatim text from Christine's YouTube videos. (

Andreas is a Greek immigrant who has integrated himself into the criminal underworld of Soho. The character is based on encounters with a source whose anonymity we wish to protect.

Mara is a Latvian masseuse whose career has been ruined following an accident. She awoke with amnesia and injuries which, she believes, resulted from being sold for sex whilst unconscious. Story based on original interviews with Mara Vaitkuse.

Other Sources
* UN Office on drugs and crime:
* US Trafficking in Persons' Report:
* The Bible, Leviticus 25:44
* The Koran, The Believers 23:1
* London School of Hygiene and Medicine
* Stop Trafficking Now:
* 'Designing Trafficking Research From a Labour Market Perspective', by Beate Andrees and Mariska N. J. Van Der Linden
* 'Stop the Traffic: People Shouldn't Be Bought and Sold', by Steve Chalke


DVD1-SOLD Documentary.mp4 - Video (MP4)

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