Crisis theatre and the living newspaper

Mullan, Sarah Jane and Bartley, Sarah (2024) Crisis theatre and the living newspaper. Elements in Theatre, Performance and the Political . Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Elements), Cambridge. ISBN 9781009525817


Crisis Theatre and The Living Newspapers traces a history of
the living newspaper as a theatre of crisis from Soviet Russia (1910s),
through the Federal Theatre Project of the Great Depression in America (1930s), to Augusto Boal’s teatro jornal in Brazil (1970s), and its resonance with documentary forms deployed in the final years of
apartheid in South Africa (1990s), up until the present day in the UK
(2020s). Across this Element, the authors are interested in what
a transnational and transhistorical examination of the living newspaper through the lens of crisis reveals about the ways in which theatre can intervene in our collective social, economic and political life. By holding these diverse examples together, the authors assert the Living Newspaper as a form of Crisis Theatre


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